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 Nov. 6 - 13 2011:

Our babies' love of inanimate objects. Sarah started the conversation with her post, For the Love of (Inanimate) Objects and followed up with a description of her baby P's desire for a vacuum; Svea wrote about her frustration with sharp edges on household products meant for babies.

Breastfeeding. Sarah wrote about her joy in the let-down action coming from her right nipple (and some great tips on increasing milk production). Svea wrote about La Leche League and being over-prepared for breastfeeding. She also came up with the genius idea of the combination vibrator breast-pump because, "...when lactating women are turned on, they spray milk everywhere." On that note, the lovely Anais discussed the challenges of maintaining sexual rapport during and after pregnancy in her Sunday Brunch interview.

And of course, there was much bemoaning the lack of changing tables in public washrooms on Mamactivism and oohing and aahing over badass babywearing on Too Hot For Stroller.

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