For the Love of (Inanimate) Objects

My son has an obsession. Or perhaps more accurately described as a passion - for all things inanimate. Despite the droves of garage sale toys Grandma and Grandpa keep dishing out at every turn, or the blocks and books he also has a fondness for - inanimate objects win every time.

I suppose I could chalk this up to just another example of how I am constantly reminded that, despite having two older children, every child is unique in their own way. Each bundle of joy brings with them a unique set of preferences for things we as adults take for granted.

Previously with J and E, I had the joys of experiences not limited to: the love of painting on ones wall with poop daily; the joys of rock collections and how they must be washed individually in the sink; or, and this is possibly my fondest memory: the joys of secretly collecting used chewing gum from the sidewalk on the way to the park.....

In retrospect, P's love of inanimate objects is generally not accompanied by the flu
harmless and just requires a little navigation when it comes to bedtime nursing. It has also lead me to create what I have termed the inanimate object series. Below are just a couple of what is beginning to be a large collection of P's favourite things.

(the water bottle)

(the big boy car seat cup holder)

Previously this affinity was a before bedtime exploration. More recently P has started insisting his objects accompany him to bed.

(Wooden spoon)

Occasionally, the objects become more ambitious than their predecessors:

(Hoola hoop)

I like to consider myself a parent who likes to encourage my children's interests (as long as they are not harmful), so as awkward as these objects can sometimes be to nurse with - we make it work.

Want to keep updated on the current inanimate object of the week? Stay tuned for updates in the inanimate object series.

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