We don't need to teach our kids pretty much anything. And, a blog I love.

I read this in my inbox this morning. It's from nurshable.com, a blog I love. I don't agree with everything Sarah, the blogger, says, but she sure is one fantastic mom (see how that works? We are not the same person, but I like her anyway?). She took Google Adwords off her blog because there was no way to prevent creepy formula ads from showing up. And her posts show that real gut-level psychological insight that can be so lacking in parenting discussions.

Her blogs are all written as letters to her little ones (I think she has three, or something amazing like that). Writing to her 7 month-old daughter who was once classified as a picky eater (by others), she says,

"With your brothers when they started eating purees the food came out in their poop undigested. I was told that their systems were "just getting used to it". They would nurse constantly like they were going through a growth spurt as their bodies could make no use of the stuff that filled up their bellies and then they'd have to catch up with milk later. It felt completely wrong, but I figured it was like walking and it needed to be taught. See the problem there? Walking doesn't need to be taught either."

I couldn't agree more.

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