All in a night's work

So I haven't written in a while. So what! I have a baby! I have school! I'm in Montreal!

Also: last weekend we had five houseguests. And we somehow finagled our way into paying for three different apartment rentals at the same time this summer.

To illustrate this strange and chaotic life we've been leading, here's a little play-by-play.

Last night:
11:30pm-1:30am: Sit on peeling deck furniture in the 'en chantier' (under construction) sunroom of the sublet we're staying in. Design sling-making and social support workshop for mothers pregnant after loss. Feel proud. Like I am really doing something with my life.

1:30-2:00am: Read BWF page, avoid checking my email, drink a bottle of water. Consider eating a bowl of cereal but decide the phrase, "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that" also applies to rancid milk. 

2-4am: Sleep/suffer the abuse of seriously restless, newly scheduled 'H is for hell' baby. 

4-4:30: Sing. 

4:30: Give in and nurse. 

4:40am: Ungrateful for the great night nursing compromise I have just made, Sweet Baby James gets out of bed. Shouts hello at our houseguest, grunts.

4:41am: Rouse myself out of bed. Change poopy diaper. "Maybe now we can get to sleep, huh?" 

4:45 am: Change another poopy diaper. "Ba ba da ba ba!!" says SBJ. I tell him to be quiet, Papa's sleeping. "Ba ba da ba ba!!" he whispers.

4:50am: Let baby play with my house keys in the courtyard/chase cat/water plants. Gaze up at the dawn. "No, we cannot go outside so you can try to open up the courtyard gate. Why? Because I'm not wearing any pants."

6:00am: Nurse and sleep.

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Sweet Baby James has started sleeping through the night?

Hope you're having a wonderful summer... xoxo

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