At once both familiar and foreign.
Where there is a lack,
There is at once longing.

I long for sleep.

Long for the intimate moment in which we become one,
Dancing a dance of star crossed lovers that drift away on moments of surreal nothingness
Partaking in the embrace of darkness and peaceful breathing,

But alas, I sit here.

Yearning to experience restful slumber.
Until that time in which I am afforded your favor,
I will wait.

I will sit patiently, though not quietly,
For noise generated by my busy restless thoughts continues to hum through my mind,
Like a back up generator.
Thoughts that speak of deadlines, stresses, new project, ideas and day old dishes.

Still, I will wait.

I will wait tiredly as I listen to the whispers of enchantment a silent house brings,
Wait patiently for the moment when you will arrive, to make your move,
For it is inevitable that you will come to visit sometime soon.

You an I have a rendezvous.

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