Discipline and Porridge: Breakfast At Our House

I was talking with my friend 'Arda' about discipline the other day. This is what I said.

I am in complete agreement with you about setting limits and boundaries and discipline. We do the world NO FAVOURS when we give in to their kids all the time, especially sons. Sometimes I feel like a real disciplinarian in contrast with other parents. I try to limit my 'nos' to things that are dangerous or disrespectful (as opposed to just unsightly or embarrassing for me - does it really make a difference to me if he dumps his porridge bowl onto his high chair tray? No, because I have to wash it anyway and he's a good eater. But if he dumps my bowl, or if I've asked him not to, well that's another matter). 

Because just that morning, this had happened.


  1. ALL kids do this----esp. when they see their parents do this ! hahaha

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