August 6-12th: OB Nursing, Extended Breastfeeding, Petting Zoos

New this week...

OB nurse extraordinaire (and future midwife-in-training) Christy Anderson discusses the forces that brought her to the placenta-eating dark (crunchy) side. Her Sunday Brunch interview has been so popular, she's coming back next week to talk more babies, birth, baby-friendly hospitals, and how she can just tell a woman is in transition.

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, Svea collects 11 of the most popular objections to extended breastfeeding and applies them to herself. Breastfed until over the age of 3, she has undoubtedly become the friendless misogynist perv these concerned citizens predicted.

It's a flashback to the 1980s on Too Hot For Stroller, where a young mama takes her kiddos to the petting zoo, managing to look awesome while keeping her baby from the nuzzling mouths of sheep.

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