Welcome to Mama to Mama, an open and accepting space for Mamas (and Papas!) to read, share, learn and discuss the best, the not-so-great, and the downright hilarious aspects of motherhood. Got a bun in the oven? A babe in arms? How about a large splotch of spit-up on your shoulder? Here's your chance to celebrate and commiserate, maybe pick up a trick or two from Mamas who've been there (hint: only crazy people wear white postpartum).

Motherhood can be isolating but it shouldn't be. We like to think Mama to Mama is as intimate as having coffee with your oldest friend -- your oldest friend who is totally baby-obsessed and uses the hushed tones of an international peace broker to discuss parenting strategies and the cost of her sister-in-law's stroller. You know, that friend. The one who smells like rancid milk.

Mama to Mama is co-written and edited by Sarah and Svea, two young mamas with our lives full of four kids, a couple of devoted husbands and a whole lotta poop. That’s what brought us together two years ago when we met on the board of directors for a non-profit arts organisation. We started Mama to Mama in November 2011 with the aim of both understanding and sharing our parenting experiences. What if, we wondered, there was a space for us to be entirely honest about the issues we face on a day-to-day basis? Like, why does my baby's Hallowe'en costume make me feel queasy? Will I ever stop worrying about my not-so-leaky right nipple? And is it normal that my baby has started quacking like a duck?

We are both newly married, hyper-productive (and sometimes just plain hyper – we keep saying we're going to blog about ADHD one of these days, yuk yuk), recovering workaholic attachment parents. We share the aim of raising socially responsible, well-adjusted, creative kids – the kind of people who can laugh at their own foibles, stand up for others, and don’t take shit from anyone. On our better days, we endeavour to be this way ourselves. Follow our daily failings on twitter @mamatomamablog.

Check back here for weekly updates, product and book reviews, tips for staying sane in those crazy postpartum weeks (all... 938.5 of them), and interviews with wise mamas who've been there. Also, check out our projects: 'I've changed my baby...' on Mamactivism, where we agitate for change under the radical rubric that mothers are people with the right to lead fulfilling, active, adult lives; and Too Hot For Stroller: a collection of the hottest, most stylish babywearing images you've ever, well, beheld.

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