We like to do stuff and we invite you to participate. Come, do stuff with us.

Our most recent projects are 'I've changed my baby...' on Mamactivism, where we agitate for change under the radical rubric that mothers are people with the right to lead fulfilling, active, adult lives; and Too Hot For Stroller: a collection of the hottest, most stylish babywearing images you've ever, well, beheld. We welcome photo submissions to these projects from anybody who's ever had to change a baby under ridiculous and/or unsafe conditions, and anyone who rocks the babywearing catsidewalk.

We're also working on...

- Life (Giving) Lines: Images of stretch marks, those life (giving) lines considered "unsightly" but so deserving of respect. This is mostly Sarah's project, but Svea's Life Lines also has some stretch marks in it.
- I Know What Not To Do: Statements from people who haven't had children, about how they believe they will raise their children. This is a longitudinal project, so they'll be allowed to take it all back when the baby comes.
- I've Pumped My Booby... Photographs of places you've had to pump milk or nurse your baby because appropriate locations are not available.
- The Dr. Will Hear You: Personal narratives of inappropriate or insensitive things doctors have said to you, particularly in relationship to women's mental health or reproductive issues. What do you wish they had said, and how do you wish they had said it?
- Wise Women's Words: Interviews with and/or statements from women who have maintained good connections with their adult children. Is this you? Bravo! Now let us in on your secrets!

To contribute to any of these projects, or to propose launching one of your own on the Mama to Mama platform, email us at

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